How to Enable Display options for this workbook:Insert Button Greyed Out

Enable Display Options in Excel to All (with Images)

What is it: Insert option under Developer tab is greyed out and not allowing you click?

Developer-enable display options

Why is it disabled:

One of the reasons for this option is grayed out or disabled is because “Display options for this workbook For objects, show:” must be set as “Nothing (hide objects)” instead of “All”

How to Enable Display options:

Once you change or Enable Display options to “All” Insert Button will be enabled.

Step 1: GoTo Excel Options Menu and click on “Advanced”

Step 2: Set “For objects, show:” as “All” under “Display options for this workbook” from Advanced Menu options. And Click OK.

Excel_Options_enable display optionsStep 3: Go back to Developer tab and check the Insert button, it should be enabled now.Developer-Insert-Enabled

If the above didn’t work for you then Click Here to check out the other 4 reasons for insert button grayed out on the Developer tab.

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