Ultimate AI Speech To Text using ASR (automatic speech recognition)
convert speech to text quickly and accurately in over +170 languages & dialects!

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What's Inside?

Extremely Powerful AI Speech To Text For Your Unlimited Use Cases With Commercial License

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Over 170+ Languages

Supports more than 170+ Languages & Dialects

Live Transcribe

Supports Languages for Live Transcription

Record & Transcribe

Supports Audio Recording first and then Transcribe

Upload & Transcribe

Upload / Drag and Drop Audio Files to Transcribe

Audio File Length
GCP - Up to 8Hrs (1 Channel Audio)
AWS - Up to 4Hrs (2 Channel Audio)
Uberscribe 1
Speech To Text Live Transcribe
Uberscribe 2

5 Speaker Identification

Automatic Speaker Identification up to 5 people

Various Audio Formats

Supports various Audio Formats: mp3, mp4, wav, flac, ogg, webm

Store & Redistribute

Conveniently Share synthesize results or Download

Make Money

Refer your friends to UberScribe & earn 1000 Free Minutes & 15% commission

Audio File Size
GCP- Unlimited
AWS - Up to 2 GB

Unbeatable Prices

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Full Experience
$ 1 60 MINUTES


$ 39 75 Hours

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Why only $1?

We believe in making cutting-edge AI technology accessible to everyone. Our $1 getting started plan allows you to experience the full power and potential of our premium AI tools without breaking the bank. It's our way of democratizing AI innovation and empowering individuals and businesses of all sizes to harness the benefits of artificial intelligence.

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