What is asKeygeek?
The name asKeygeek is a combination of three words – ASK for a KEY solution from a GEEK. (ASKEY sounds similar to ASCII)
asKeygeek was started in the year 2012 with the aim of making Microsoft Office automation solutions widely available to all. Since then we have been providing automation Solutions and Consulting through asKeygeek.com.

With time and experience, asKeygeek has evolved and grown year after year, from a one-man solutions blog to a group of Professionals providing Automation Consulting Services under the brand ASKEYGEEK CONSULTING LLP.

Why asKeygeek?
Why should you reach out to asKeygeek when there are hundreds of websites/companies provides automation solutions?Here is why:

  • ‘Googling’ for a key solution: Most of the times, searching on the web for any solution lands us in a sponsored website or an affiliate/sales website and that might not be the key solution to your requirement (at times leaves us with no solution too!).
  • Consulting with an Automation Giant: Considering the Cost factor, consulting with Big Players for a solution might not be a feasible option always. Also its never a one size fits all.

This is where we can help you with ATSY! (Automation Technology Suits You)

If your requirement is related to Automation then look no further, ASK for the KEY solution from asKeygeek.com. At askeygeek we go the extra mile to do thorough research and analysis to give you the key solution best suited for your automation requirements.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you, right from identifying the automation opportunities in your business to implementing it successfully with the tool best suited for you. That’s how asKeygeek stands out from the crowd and makes the presence felt.

Irrespective of the size of your business asKeygeek can help you conquer automation in both B2B and B2C segments.

Your Automation Requirement is Our Automation Opportunity!

We don’t spend on Advertisement; Your Highest ROI is Our Success Story!

How asKeygeek?
asKeygeek Service Offerings:

  • Automation as a Service & Consulting: We analyze the Automation Opportunities in your Business and help you Unleash the real potential of your business (irrespective of the size of your business) Consult Now!
  • Digital Transformation & Consulting: We help you succeed in End to End Digital Transformation using the Industry’s best Frameworks and Tools (Digital Assessment Model, Process Selection Framework, Technology Selection Card, Comprehensive Estimation Framework, Project Planning Tool, Target Operating Model & Roadmap).
  • GEEKey Library: An automation Knowledge Portal, prepared in a Layman’s language with all necessary screenshots, pictures & videos for easy learning. We try to find and solve the ‘W²H’ (What, Why and How) aspects of the automation topics & queries Check Now!

Anson Vallayil Antony

Anson Antony

Founder & Director

He has got a decade of versatile experience in Business Process Outsourcing, Finance & Accounting, Information Technology, Operational Excellence & Business Intelligence. During the tenure, he had worked for organizations like Genpact, Hewlett Packard, M*Modal and Capgemini in various roles and responsibilities, starting from an Associate to a Manager. Learning anything new has always been his passion, asKeygeek.com is an outcome of his passion for technology and business. Outside business and technology, Anson is a movie buff who spends hours together watching and learning Cinema and a Film Maker too!

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