What is asKeygeek?
asKeygeek was created in the year 2012 (scroll down to read little history) and from then we have been providing technical solutions to people around the web. Now we are a group of professionals providing consulting services in Business Intelligence, Operational Excellence and Film Making too. Our ultimate aim is to make these services easily available to individuals and corporates. When you come across a “How to…” situation or need a service around any of these 4 areas, asKeygeek is your place to reach out.
Why asKeygeek?
Why should you reach out to askeygeek when there are hundreds of blogs/websites related to all these topics? Answer to this question is the main reason behind the development of this website. Many of us face this problem – Where to ask? or Whom to ask? – When we want to get the best solution or service. We diligently try to give personalized key solution/services. Most of the times in web it happens that for a small solution webmasters make us to go through unnecessary readings and sometimes leave us with no answer. In askeygeek we go extra mile and take the pain of finding the best solution and give it to you in the simplest form (W²H). Hence asKeygeek becomes a place for newbies as well as experts, for newbies it’s a tutorials page and for experts it’s a quick reference guide. That’s how we stand out from other and makes our presents felt.
How asKeygeek?
asKeygeek provides Web based Solutions and Personal Consulting Services.
1. Web-based solutions are provided through our Geek’s Library in the systematic ‘W²H’ format. ‘W²H’ stands for What, Why and How. We try to find and solve these 3 aspects of all the issues and queries you come up with. Posts published through Geek’s Library are either concerns raised by our readers like you or something we have come across.
2. If your request is something in the nature that requires personal consulting service or something that’s beyond the level of publishing a ‘W²H’ post, that’s when we offer Personal Consulting Services.
You can always reach us from our ASK page and we are there to serve you!
Our Services:
Technology: – Microsoft Office Automation, Robotic Process Automation, Web Design, Website Development, Blogging, Networking and you name it anything under the purview of Tech… We can help you with it.
Business Intelligence: – In BI we offer services like Enterprise Reporting, Query and Analysis, Enterprise information Management, BusinessObjects Planning and consolidation, Enterprise Performance Management, Data Visualization, Data mining, Process Mining, text mining, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics etc.
Operational Excellence: – All process improvement and transformation services using methodologies like Lean, Six Sigma etc.
Film Making: – We make Corporate Videos, Public Awareness Videos, Documentaries, Ad Films, Short Films etc.


Way back in 2012 (little history): Situation that made me to create asKeygeek.com:

“Whenever I come across a ‘How to…?’ situation or to learn something new I do all kind researches; searching web, reading books, ask or discuss with experts and finally get it done successfully. But as time goes I slowly forget how did I resolve it or whatever I learned (Strange but fact), again I have to scratch from the beginning, reading the long boring stories (I mean blogs) which I don’t like always. What if there was a place where step by step instructions are provided with all necessary screenshots so that I don’t have to do the hard work which I had done once.  But I didn’t find any such place, what I found was either too elaborated stories or does not give the correct solution and I’m sure if I do the research again I’ll get it. What if I would have had taken the cream out of my research when I had done it before? I also found I’m not the only one face this issue, then why don’t I create one such place and share it with my friends!!!! That’s when I created asKeygeek.

Topics/Posts published through asKeygeek are either issues faced by me or people around me. Hence it’s basically a give and take situation; you give your issues to me and I do the boring job for you and give you the key to unlock it.

In short asKeygeek is a reference guide to all your tech queries, a key solutions page.”

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About Me: I’m Anson having versatile experience in Business Process Outsourcing, Finance & Accounting, Information Technology, Operational Excellence & Business Intelligence. I’m working in a MNC in Bangalore, India. Learning anything new has always been my passions and if related to Business and Technology then I love it. This website/blog is an outcome of my passion towards the same and I have been blogging since 2012.
Outside business and technology I’m a movie freak who spend hours together watching and learning Cinema.

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