YouTube Play Button – 3 Different YouTube Creator Awards

youtube play button
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YouTube Play Button – 3 Different YouTube Creator Awards

What is YouTube Play Button:

YouTube has recently introduced an Awards program to recognize the success for all the YouTube creators around the world.

This award is solely based on the Subscribe count of the channel – Build Your Audience and Get Awarded as simple as that.

This award is popularly known as YouTube Play Button.

There are 3 different categories of YouTube Play buttons or Awards.

Diamond Play Button, Gold Play Button, and Silver Play button

How to get YouTube Play Button:

There are 3 different milestones Channels have to achieve in terms of subscriber count to get awarded.

  1. Diamond Play Button – The highest award! A limited-edition, diamond-faceted play button personalized with the channel name.

Qualification: 10 million Subscribers

Diamond Play ButtonPin

  1. Gold Play Button – Second highest award! A framed limited-edition gold-plated play button personalized with the channel name.

Qualification: 1 million Subscribers

Gold Play ButtonPin

  1. Silver Play Button – Third highest award! A framed limited-edition silver-plated play button personalized with the channel name.

Qualification: 100,000 Subscribers

Silver Play ButtonPin

YouTube will not send these awards automatically to creators’ address as and when channel achieves the milestones;

  1. Notification:

YouTube will send a notification to the users’ Creator Studio Dashboard in the same month when channel qualifies the above mentioned milestones.

  1. Shipping Address:

The notification includes a unique order code, creators have to enter the required information and shipping address where the Play Button has to be delivered.

  1. Waiting:

Once the shipping details have been provided creators have to wait for 8 to 12 weeks for the respective YouTube Play Button to be delivered.

Note: Though the award is solely based on the Subscriber count YouTube expects fair play from the creators, simply means don’t try to cheat or violate any of the standard YouTube channel terms and conditions and rules. Any of these fraudulent activities can get the channel disqualified from the award program.

Why YouTube gives Play Button awards:

This award is given mainly to recognize the most popular YouTube channels and the creative talents behind the channel. This award has nothing to do with the quality of the videos this merely based on the popularity or subscriber count.

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