Shortcut to insert worksheet with sheet name in Excel

Shortcut to Insert Worksheet with Sheet Name (with Images)

What is it: It’s a shortcut to insert worksheet with the sheet name in Microsoft Excel.

Why is it important: When you want to insert an additional worksheet in excel with a particular name for that sheet,

With this shortcut you can do both the activities of inserting the sheet and renaming it, in a single step and thus save your time.

How to : You should have ASAP Utilities excel add-on installed in your computer to enjoy this feature. A quick note if you are not familiar with ASAP Utilities:

It is a highly recommended powerful Microsoft Excel add-on enriched with more than 300 time saving tools which will speed up your experience of working with MS Excel.

Steps to insert worksheet with the sheet name:

Step 1: Click on any cell in the active sheet.

Step 2: Press Ctrl + Alt + N in the keyboard

Step 3: A pop-up window something like the below appears requesting you to fill in a name for your new sheet. Type the name that you want to give for the new sheet and click OK (Here I have used the name as ‘Test’).

insert worksheet

Step 4: You are done with creating and renaming the worksheet! A new sheet would have created next to the last worksheet with the name that you have given.

insert worksheet


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