R Programming command to delete a directory – R Tutorials

R Programming
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R Programming command to delete a directory – R Tutorials

What is R Programming:

R is a free software programming language used in the field of statistical computing and graphics. This program is mainly used by Statisticians and Data Analysts.R Programming CommandPin

In this R Programming tutorial/post we are discussing the Command to delete a directory in R.


Though Operating systems will have simpler way of doing this however when you are working in the programming environment having the ability to use the commands for creating or manipulating the files is always useful.

How to delete directory using R Programming command:

Step 1: If you do not know your active directory check the same using the below command.


Step 2: Use the below r programming command to delete the directory.

unlink(“mytestDir“, recursive = TRUE)

**replace the “mytestDir” with your actual directory name.

R Programming uses the word “unlink” instead of “delete” which is more logical for deleting folder because R follows the UNIX way of deleting directory.

Note: Make sure you are using the commands after the ‘>’ symbol.

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  1. Hi! Thanks a lot for making these helpful posts. I’m trying to learn R, and am having a quite a lot of trouble. Your posts are very useful. I am wondering what sort of response to expect from R if a file/directory is successfully deleted. I used the unlink command with the recursive=TRUE added, and I didn’t receive a warning as I had before, but I also didn’t receive any sort of confirmation that the directory had been deleted. I simply got another > command prompt. I tried deleting it again with the same command, and got the same result. I would think if I had successfully deleted it, I would have gotten an error message saying that the directory didn’t exist.

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