How to rename a file in R

Rename R file using R Programming command

What is it:

R is a free software programming language used in the field of statistical computing and graphics. This program is mainly used by Statisticians and Data Analysts.rename r file

In this R Programming tutorial/post we are discussing how to rename an R data using R command.


Though Operating systems will have simpler way of doing this however when you are working in the programming environment having the ability to use the commands for creating or manipulating the files is always useful.

How to rename R file:

Step 1: If you do not know your active directory check the same using the below command.


Step 2: Check if the file you want to rename exists in the directory


Step 3: If the file exists then use the below command to rename it.

file.rename(“myfileName.R” , “myfileRename.R“)

**replace the “myFileName” and “myfileRename” with your actual file names.

Note: Make sure you are using the commands after the ‘>’ symbol.

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