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Looking for a Natural Sounding Text to Speech Free?
Select from the below Lifelike Voices using the Deep Machine Learning and turn your Texts into Speeches!

Get to know Lifelike Voices AI Text to Speech before using:

Hardly you will find TTS software with natural voices. Most of the websites which says Text to Speech Free, but when you actually want to use them there are limitation or conditions on the usage (restricted for commercial use, restrictions on TTS for YouTube videos etc.). If it is really free then the voice won’t be natural.

So one thing we realized was there are absolutely No Text to Speech software available with premium voices for FREE. If you want to use a premium voice then you need to pay.

For one of our projects we used Amazon Polly, which is based on the AWS Deep Machine Learning Technology. Amazon Polly is an Advanced Text to Speech services available at present with lifelike voices. It replaces the IVONA Text to Speech Cloud Beta Services.

Amazon Polly is used in many areas like, to Convert an article to speech and download as MP3, Customer Care Telephony systems, E-Learning and so on. You can always reach out to us in case you need any custom services based on this Machine Learning Technology!

Our below Lifelike Voices Text to Speech Application is based on the Amazon Polly ! So you get access to the Amazon Polly voices for FREE!! When we say free, we mean really FREE without any conditions!! That means we are paying for the premium voices that you use here!

All premium voices in the Amazon Plloy are included in this FREE TTS! Enjoy!
Watch the below video showing How to use the App or Jump to the app directly 👇

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We would love to make more premium services for free like text to speech google, other GCP and AWS premium services. If you wish to support the development efforts then please contribute Paypal or Paytm. Thank You! 🙂

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