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welcome to asKeygeek W2H Solutions (What Why How)

You are at the right place!!!if you fall under any of the below categories: Someone who uses computer to work, browse or playing games etc. Someone who uses Microsoft Office Tools.  Some who uses any software or applications. Someone who is interested to learn technical stuffs.


A keys' library in the W2H (what, why,how) format with all necessary screenshots and pictures for easy understanding ; read systematically and understand easy.


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A place to ask for all your questions related to office tools like ms excel, word etc. or anything related to computer,internet, softwares and applications.

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eBuy + myFilmscreative side

ebuy is an eStore initiative by askeygeek eBuy, and myFilms is the creative + entertainment side of askeygeek myFilms

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geek behind asKeygeek


Anson Antony

I’m Anson. I work as an Application Engineer in one of the IT companies in Bangalore, India. Learning anything related to technology is one of my passions. This website is an outcome of my passion towards technology. I also have my greatest passion towards Filmmaking. Outside the office work I spend most of my time learning Cinema,Technology etc.

About asKeygeek

Below situations lead me to the creation of asKeygeek. Whenever I come across a ‘How to…?’ situation or to learn something new I do all kind researches; searching web, reading books, ask or discuss with experts and finally I will resolve the issue or learn what I wanted. But as time passes I slowly forget how did I resolve it or whatever I learned (Strange but fact), again I have to scratch from the beginning, reading the...

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