List of Companies using Robotic Process Automation [With comparison]


After publishing the Robotic Process Automation What Why How All You Need to Know [Vendors/Tools/Jobs/Checklist], I received requests from many of my readers to provide a comprehensive list of Companies using Robotic Process Automation and list of rpa companies.

In this post I’m going to cover a few companies using rpa tools/partnered with robotic process automation vendors.

As I listed in my previous post there are many robotics process automation vendors out there in the market, so getting the complete list of companies using robotics process automation will be a challenge, however, I have compared 4 leading rpa companies / vendors with 82 companies using rpa.

List of Companies using Robotic Process Automation

Companies Using RPARPA Companies
Symphony Ventures--
Tata Consultancy Services--
Tech Mahindra--
Virtual Operations--
Ambit Energy---
AVO Consulting---
Boston Scientific---
Diamension Data---
Digital Workforce---
Direct Energy---
HCL Technologies---
Hewlett Packard Enterprise---
ISG (Information Services Group) ---
L&T Infotech---
New Innovation Management---
Persistent Systems---
Premier Logic---
Quest Diagnostics---
Reveal Group---
Solai & Cameron Technologies---
Sopra Steria---
The Burnie Group---
VANAD Group---
Vector ITC Group---
Voyager Solutions---
Zodiac Aerospace---
Companies Using Robotic Process AutomationPin

Out of 82 companies; 42 are using/partnered with Blueprism, 31 are with Automation Anywhere, 13 are with Uipath and 12 with Softomotive.

How RPA Companies Comparison can help You

Let me make it clear, the above comparison is not to conclude one RPA solution is better than the other based on the number of companies partnered with it.

There are multiple factors involved in selecting Robotic Process Automation vendor by companies (Review the: Robotic Process Automation Tool selection Checklist) based on the industry they support.

Robotic Process Automation Vendor Comparison by Forrester Wave (Q1 2017 Report)

 Automation AnywhereBlueprismNICEPegasystemsSoftomotiveUipath
Current Offering3.693.393.512.992.143.53
Bot development and core function3.
Control room, system management, reporting and resilience2.
RPA Analytics3.6622.33323.66
Breadth of use case4.13.422.652.252.75
Development, governance & security3.6643.992.981.663.66
Vision, execution & strategy4.

Difference between Blue Prism and UiPath RPA

Straight away there are no outright winners in the RPA Companies list.

The best rpa tool depends upon your requirement, whether you are an organization looking for an automation solution or an rpa enthusiast who wants to learn robotic process automation.

In this quick rpa vendor comparison, we will check to understand 12 major difference between 2 major RPA Companies; Blue Prism RPA and UiPath RPA.

We can classify it to 2 subcategories.

From Organization Perspective

  1. Licensing Cost: UiPath licensing cost per bot is lesser than BluePrism. Uipath has different license models for Assisted Bots and Unassisted Bots Where are BluePrism provides only RPA platform with a single licensing model.
  2. Control Room Functionality: Blue Prism has a client-server based control room functionality and that is accessible only through BP apps. Developer studio and the control are bundled within the same client software. UiPath has a web-based Orchestrator which can be accessed from the browser or mobile to manage the bots.
  3. Advanced Scheduling: UiPath provides advance scheduling on their orchestrator that can use Cron expression for custom scheduling while Blue Prism lacks this feature.
  4. Web services: BluePrism does have the capability to expose developed processes and objects as Web Services. Somewhat similar option available in UiPath Orchestrator.
  5. Hardware Requirement: UiPath is on the higher side when compared to blue prism. This includes more CPU, RAM and SSD requirement on both client & server side. This may increase infrastructure cost for the firm when compared to Blue Prism.

From the Developer/Learner Perspective

  1. Free Version: UiPath provides a Free Community version available to try, strictly for personal use. Blue Prism does not have any free version, you might get a trial version if you contact the Sales team and if they feel you could be a potential customer.
  2. Training: UiPath has a lot of online and offline training available, including their own UiPath RPA Academy. Whereas BluePrism has limited training sources and materials available when compared to UiPath.
  3. Developer Experience: Both has user-friendly visual designer, though it is widely said RPA is “Code Free”,  having programming skills on any programming language is an added advantage especially dot Net in terms of UiPath.

Same goes for Blue Prism as well, not necessary to have programming skills but if you have, it’s better!

  1. Programming Language: UiPath uses VB for coding and Blue Prism uses C#
  2. Re-usability: Both has the reusability feature which means the library created for one project can be reused in multiple other projects.
  3. Record Option: UiPath has a Process Record option which helps in faster development and implementation, which lacks in BluePrism.
  4. Technical Architecture: UiPath has a much modern technical architecture when compared to Blue Prism, something you will realize when you start working with both the tools.

As I mentioned earlier on the functionality front you won’t find much difference between both the tools. Both are equally powerful tools.

My personal assumption is that considering Blue Prism is the oldest and widely used RPA tool when compared to UiPath, if they had a Free version or a Trial version then their popularity would have gone much higher than UiPath. Currently, UiPath is the most trending RPA tool as per Google Trends.

Blue Prism would have been much more popular than UiPath if they had a Free version or a Trial version like UiPath. Considering Blue Prism is one of the oldest and widely used RPA tool when compared to UiPath. Currently, UiPath is the most trending RPA tool as per Google Trends & also in terms of Funding etc.

You can check the rpa tools comparison form my detailed post on best rpa tools list. This post has been updated with more than 70 rpa companies in 2019.

I would like to hear from you what would be your choice and why? Please Leave a Reply! As a bonus, I’ll send this comparison Excel sheet and the subsequently updated files to those who leave a reply below! 🙂

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  2. Hi Anson,
    Post is very interesting, there is a new tool called JiffyRPA, which I found very helpful.
    JiffyRPA helps businesses automate tasks through intelligent robots that can detect and adapt automated scenarios based on change. This allows organizations to utilize their staff more productively, without having to worry about tasks that are critical yet add no value to the system. Right from processing unstructured data that is captured in different formats, to making cognitive decisions and using NLP and ML based algorithms, JiffyRPA has helped customers achieve close to 90+% of automation. This is significant as most of the traditional RPA solutions are rule based and only achieves lower automation levels for complex processes.

  3. Dear Anson, Could you please provide a detail comparison among Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere and uIpath. I have got some basic details, however a detailed understanding will be helpful. To be specific to my question, I would like to know what would a company look for before adopting any of these three RPA vendors.

  4. @Anson are you sure that the list is of companies *using* RPA? Broadly speaking, these names are of “RPA Implementers” / “Service Providers” and not the ones who are consuming RPA for their processes/operations automation using RPA. Correct me if this is not true. Thanks.

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