Efectos de la inteligencia artificial en las tendencias del comercio electrónico

This article shows the effects of Artificial Intelligence on E-commerce with 6 features that makes AI worth the hype!
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Effects of Artificial Intelligence on E-Commerce

AI has revolutionized the world. Computers have learned and grown as fast as us and now we are ruling the world hand in hand. It’s very fascinating to think that the systems we have designed are now helping us explore things better and who knows this better than the online business community!!!!!

Online platforms have become more convenient and reliable for both the customers and the sellers. With AI every step is easier and user-friendly and the complications of lengthy processes are now long gone.

What is AI?

AI stands for artificial intelligence. With AI, machines can perform human-like tasks that involve intelligent decision-making. AI has been made possible through programming which gives a computer the ability to reason, consider emotions and solve complex problems. The steam platform is an example that works better with AI and is thus able to understand the customer at a deeper level.

How AI is used in E-commerce?

If you wanna know how exactly does AI benefit E-commerce then below are some of the features that make AI worth the hype.

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1. Targeting and retargeting customers

Have you ever noticed that when you buy a shirt from a place similar shirt ads start to pop up? That is how customer targeting works. When online stores get data it’s hard to make decisions based on such a huge amount of information but with AI customer preferences become easier to understand.

The way customers shop, their history, and patterns are noted, and then potentially interested customers are targeted. Not only that but past customers can be targeted again based on their current status. With this methodology time, effort and money are saved and both the customer and seller are satisfied.

2. Customer care made easy

With AI it’s easier to convince the customer. How? With chatbots answering questions now the customer can easily find products that are personalized and descriptions that help them make the right purchase. Every customer wants the best product at the best price and thus comparisons become important. With AI you get the best recommendations and tons of options.

With smart chatbots real-time communication, conversation initiation, spelling correction, and feedback become possible.

3. Better inventory management

Managing data efficiently can help you manage customers well. Customer relationship management with AI allows you to keep data up to date that works for you without any manual hassle. The best part is that AI can predict future trends from present data. AI keeps the inventory updated and knows what is required on its own.

4. Visual searches

We all know how visuals can help us understand things better. Going through lengthy texts and getting confused can lead to a lot of frustration. On the other hand, visual search engines allow you to gather visual information and make a collection of images that helps you compare products better and then buy the right products at the end.

5. Voice searches

Search engines use voice searches and AI technology to provide the customer with the best customer experience. Accurate results with voice searches help customers find what they are looking for. This is great for those who get annoyed typing long phrases. This mode of search is easy for the customer and leads to more engagement which is beneficial for businesses.

6. Security

Security is one of the biggest issues on the internet. When you log in to your account or when you make a transaction your data must stay secure. With hacking incidents occurring all the time it’s natural for the customer to feel insecure. This is when AI plays a great role. AI and machine learning can track threats from millions of sources very quickly. Not something a human can do in time.

Learning from previous events, AI builds profiles and networks that help spot any deviations in the established norms. Using AI and some traditional methods can help detect threats 100% of the time without false alarms.

With AI companies can prevent attacks instead of stopping them after they occur. If any fishy behavior is observed the threat can be neutralized and the breach can be stopped. It’s efficient and works all the time!!

Conclusion: AI in E-commerce

In this article, we explored how AI affects E-commerce. From customized ads targeted for specific customers to re-targeting past customers. From AI chatbots to help you find the right product to voice searches and finally visual search engines and AI cyber-security, it is no doubt that AI comes with enormous possibilities.

If you are interested we recommend you read more material about AI through online. The more you explore the more you will realize how it makes life easy!!

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