Invoice Processing Automation in Capgemini Republic Services using ACE

Financial services is one area where Automation is getting implemented rapidly. 34% of the financial organizations rely on manual process and 47% of the AP professionals consider manual data entry & inefficient processes as their biggest challenge. 

Below is one of our success stories of Automation implementation in the Invoice Processing in Republic Services’ Finance team in Capgemini.

Invoice Processing Automation in Capgemini Republic Services using ACE

Republic Services’ finance team in Capgemini receives different types of invoices from multiple geographies across the world to Bangalore Delivery Center.

These invoices are fed into BPOpen application.

Manual classification of invoices into 4 categories (PO, Non-PO, Utility and Credit Note) are done in the BPOpen application, these invoices are then send for Data Entry.

Business Validations, TDS Calculations and Assigning GL codes are performed manually in the ARIBA Application. Then the processed output will be send back to the BPOpen application for processing.

This consumes a lot of manual effort and time. Now let’s see how the ACE platform provides the end to end  automation solution for this process.

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Invoice Processing Automation Steps

Robotic Process Automation

The entire Invoice Processing Robotic Process Automation can be summarized in 5 major steps.

  1. Extracting Invoice: RPA will extract the PDF copies of Invoices from Email, or Workflow or from a dedicated folder etc. 
  2. Reading Invoices: Once the invoices are extracted, the Robot will read the specific fields in the Invoices that need to be updated in the ERP.
  3. Verification of Invoices: RPA will verify the Invoice details like the Company code, Supplier number, VAT etc with the database and if verification passes it moves to the next step.
  4. Inputting Invoice details in ERP: Once the required information is gathered and verified from the Invoices, RPA robot will open the ERP and key in all the fields that need to be filled. It can be in SAP, Oracle or whatever ERP your company uses.
  5. Confirmation: Once the data has been successfully inputted in the ERP system, robot will provide a confirmation. Either it can be over email for each Invoice or a consolidated email for all posting. If require a report with all the posting details in excel etc. it can provided, its highly customizable however the organization wants.

The entire Invoice processing can be automated using robotic process automation or the Intelligent Automation Tools like ACE. 

The entire process can be highly customized according to the organization’s needs depends upon the right tool that the organization selects for the automation. 

There are lots of Automation solutions available in the market, we at ASKEYGEEK Consulting can help you do the end to end automation with the right Automation tool that suits your business requirement.

Please Contact Us before making your Automation Investment, we are happy to help! 

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