How to Find High PR Links for Free and Building Backlinks

5 Steps to find high PR Links for Free and Building Backlinks

What is it:

If you are webmaster you would know how important backlinks are to a website or a blog. In this post we are going to discuss about how to free find high PR Links and building backlinks from them.

There are many ways to building backlinks:

Doing Guest Blogging in some other blogs

Commenting in related posts in some other blogs

By submitting quality articles in Articles Directory

Writing Reviews etc.

Why is it:

When I’m saying building backlinks; I mean building quality backlinks from “HIGH PR WEBSITES” and not low quality links. Because from Google’s point of view having a single backlink from a PR1 website is much worthier than having 20 or 30 links from a PR0 website, especially after Google has changed its algorithm.

Before starting to apply above strategies to building backlinks you need to make sure you are doing it in the right website.

So here comes the bigger question how do I find High PR websites relating to my niche or keyword?

If you have to manually search for these links or websites it would takes weeks together to find some quality links. But for me it takes few hour now; I’m so excited to introduce you to AffiloTools Link Finder

How to Free Find High PR Links using AffiloTools Link Finder

Using AffiloTools Link Finder you can find high PR website links related to your keyword or niche for commenting, guesting posting etc. Lets see how to use it

Step 1: Login to Affilo Tools Dashboard

find high PR Links_AffiloTools

Step 2: From the menu options click on Links under Research

find high PR Links_AffiloTools_Find Links

Step 3: In the Link Finder Search Box type the keyword and phrase related to your blog post and click Find Links.

find high PR Links_Link Finder

Here you can choose link types for more precise results (check all or uncheck others expect the one you want to choose) In this example I want links high PR links for commenting hence I have unchecked others.

Once the results are populated you can see Website Links, Link Type we selected, Keyword or Phrase we used and then DA and PA

DA stands for Domain Authority and PA stands for Page Authority

It is a reliable metric created by the Moz team to determine if a page is authoritative from Google’s point of view or not

Step 4: Double click on PA to sort links from high to low PA or Double click on DA to sort links from high to low DA. Any page with a PA or DA of 20 should have a PR of 1 .

building backlinks_asKeygeek

Step 5: Now open each link and if the page has less than 30 comments read the post and leave relevant comment! Or If you want to do guest posting then emal them and make a proposal for writing an article in their website.

That’s it!! now you are on your way to find high pr links and building backlinks form high PR websites.. All the best!

If you still don’t have an AffiloTools account then you can create one right from here for Free…


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