Artificial Intelligence Future

Artificial Intelligence Future (AI vs AI)

AI is one of the hottest buzzwords in the industry now, there are lots of discussions happening around it, what is Artificial Intelligence Future, How Artificial Intelligence will change the future and son.

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As we know, there’s always 2 sides to every story, in this article, we will look into 2 sides of Artificial Intelligence, basically some of the contrasting statements related to Artificial Intelligence Future. Also, will have a look into, what is important for us!

Elon Musk (Technology Entrepreneur, OpenAI, SpaceX, Zip2, Paypal etc.)

Let’s start with one of the statements by Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the co-founder of OpenAI, In your AI journey, mostly you will come across OpenAI, a nonprofit research company that aims to promote friendly artificial intelligence. He is a well-known technology entrepreneur, and co-founder of, SpaceX, Neauralink, Zip2, Paypal and many others.

During a 2014 interview at the MIT AeroAstro Centennial Symposium, Elon Musk spoke about artificial intelligence as…

The most serious threat to the survival of the human race.”

Also, he described the creation of artificial intelligence as… “Summoning the demon

Andrew Ng (AI Expert, Google Brain, Baidu, Coursera, etc.)

On the other hand, Andrew Ng, the chief scientist at the Chinese web search giant Baidu, and an associate professor at Stanford University, also the Co-founder of Coursera. He is a well-known expert in the field of Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and AI.  

During the GPU TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE 2015, He told to the engineers that…

Worrying about the rise of evil killer robots is like worrying about overpopulation and pollution on Mars before we’ve even set foot on it”.

He also said an evil AI enslaving human was “an unnecessary distraction.

International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI)

Another important statement is by IJCAI – International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence on their Letter, where it mentioned:

AI technology has reached a point, where the development of autonomous weapons is practically feasible within years, not decades”.

Stuart Jonathan Russell (Computer Scientist)

Whereas, Professor Stuart Jonathan Russell, a computer scientist known for his contributions to artificial intelligence, has a different viewpoint.

According to him…

If one is worried about losing control over AI systems as they become smarter, maybe it’s not a good idea to turn over our defense system to them.

Other important statements are on the autonomous vehicles or ‘Self-Driving Cars’.

Hugh Boyes (Cyber Security Lead)

Hugh Boyes, a Cyber Security lead warns that…

“if the hacker community could start to target vehicles, we can imagine a fair amount of chaos.
If just one in a 100 vehicles, or, one in 1,000 gets interfered with and ceases to operate as planned, then we can expect chaos on the roads. We don’t want to be there. That’s why cyber-security of autonomous vehicles will be critical.”

Jacquelyn Miller (Google Spokesperson)

On the other side, a Google Spokesperson stated on the ‘Self-Driving Cars’ experiments as…

13 minor fender-benders in more than 1.8 million miles of autonomous driving, and not once was the self-driving car the cause of the accident

You can have a check on, Google’s WAYMO Self-Driving Car Project website, for more recent updates.

Artificial Intelligence Future


So, now let’s see, what should be our stand on Artificial Intelligence Future!


None of these statements are to prove, whether AI is Good or Bad!

There are many such alarming as well as supporting statements on AI, both the sides are equally important. As we are currently in the very initial stages of AI, we cannot ignore one for the other.  

Yes..!! One thing is for sure…  AI is going to stay here for a very long, it could even change the future, how Computers and the Internet changed the world.

The earlier you get into the world of AI is the better, in fact now is the right time, as AI itself is in its initial stages. Demand for AI professionals has been increasing exponentially year after year.

PwC predicts that Artificial Intelligence could add $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

Start your AI journey today! Watch our Previous AI Videos or read the previous articles, in-case you want to know the Prerequisites and Resources for Learning AI.

Please comment ‘Yes’ if you think it’s worth investing time in Artificial Intelligence Learning, Let’s see how many ‘Yes’ we get!

Thank you and Have a Happy Learning!


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